Competition Subject

Theme of the Contest

Innovation and Entrepreneurship· Realize Your Dream in the City of Springs

Purpose of the Contest

The contest focuses on Jinan's “Three New Historical Positions, Six Goals for Modernized and Strong Provincial Capital and Ten Key Tasks” in the new era put forward by the 12th Party Congress of Jinan. As a well-known event, the contest aims to attract high-level talents and teams from home and abroad to make innovations and start businesses in Jinan, and gather a batch of creative, original, and leading high-tech projects for the development of key industries of Jinan. The contest is also designed to accelerate the endeavor of Jinan towards the national central city and provide strong talent force and intellectual support to open up new prospects of building a strong socialist modern provincial capital in the new era. 【MORE】

Competition Fields

  • Big Data and
    the New Generation of
    Information Technology

  • Intelligent Manufacturing and
    High-end Equipment

  • Bio Pharmacy and
    Medical Health Care

  • New Energy and
    New Materials
  • Modern Agriculture
    and Ecological
    Environmental Protection

Contest Arrangements

Contest Publicity and Launching
July-mid to late October
Collection and Matching of Demand Information
July - August
Signing Up
Before August 31
Project Screening
Before September 10th
September 10th- September 20th
The Finals
mid to late October

Award Setting

Awards and Prizes for Preliminaries

In each contest region, there will be 5 Winning Prizes, each awarded 30,000 RMB (and a certificate); and 10 Finalist Prizes, each awarded 10,000 RMB (and a certificate). There are in total 150 prizes in the preliminaries.

Awards and Prizes for the Finals

There will be 5 First Prizes, each awarded 50,000 RMB (and a certificate); and 15 Second Prizes, each awarded 30,000 RMB (and a certificate); and 25 Third Prizes, each awarded 20,000 RMB (and a certificate). There are 45 prizes in total in the finals.

Project Recommendation Award

Rewards will be given to the units or individuals who has recommended the projects. Those units or individuals will be rewarded 2,000 RMB for each project that has been shortlisted in the final, 3,000 RMB for each project that has won a prize in the final, and 10,000 RMB for each project that has been both shortlisted in the final and implemented in Jinan within one year.

Contest Area Arrangements


held in Canada


held in Australia

Europe region

held in Hungary

Europe region

held in Belgium


held in Korea


held in Beijing


held in Shenzhen


held in Hangzhou


held in Xi’an


held in Chengdu

Policy Support

For those winning projects that are planned to be implemented and put into operation within one year after the competition in Jinan and that have achieved more than 10 million RMB in equity cash funding, if they meet the basic application conditions of Jinan's leading talent introduction policies, they will be listed into the talents management program after on-site investigation and comprehensive evaluation, and will be offered with corresponding funding support.

A database of all the implemented participating projects will be established. For projects implemented in Jinan, municipal departments (units), districts, counties and parks will assign exclusive service personnel to open up green channels and roll out talent and technology supporting policies, industrial development supporting funds and implementation policies, etc. to provide full-life-cycle follow-up services for the projects in registration, office space application, enterprise planning, personnel recruitment, investment and financing and so on.

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